Aiming for the Public Benefit

The Studio Rooms emulates a Social Enterprise Organisation by providing:

  • A central location which offers a secure, warm and environmentally friendly base, ideal for both the youth and elderly people of Calderdale, so enabling companionship and support which is vital to all members of the local community area.
  • Facilities that encourage all members of the public to participate in activities which will enhance their confidence and give them the ability to interact with other members of the community, whether they are younger or older than themselves.
  • Rooms which are available for local support services that specialise in the health and well-being of mental health patients, where the atmosphere and surrounding plays a large part in getting them back to full health.
  • Facilities for the staging of events to raise funds for local charities and voluntary groups for meetings, concerts, musical events and other entertainment, enabling social interaction for a common purpose. Older people’s projects that specialise in health issues: stress, weight, poor posture, gentle exercise movement and book reading groups.
  • Health and recreation facilities which are available for both the young and elderly by the provision of a well-appointed venue to enable a healthy lifestyle.
  • Aids to facilitate social activities for older people in the form of concerts, musical events and entertainments.
  • Any organization can use the Rooms for the furtherance of Dance / Creative Arts and for the general well being in health.

The Studio Rooms is ideal for short or long term use, having good accessibility, light and airy atmosphere, cosy or supportive, perfect for the health and well being for all individuals, genders and nationalities, ‘A jewel in the crown’ of Halifax.

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